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From negotiating with The College Board to forming a product entity and beyond, Morse has helped this educational software leader build custom eLearning solutions for schools, publishers, and businesses.

Leading To a Better Educational Experience with EvoText

EvoText is a technology company that builds eLearning platforms for educators, publishers, and businesses. At a time when educators are moving to technology-based teaching, EvoText is making this transition easier by supplying technology that enables educators to provide a better educational experience. EvoText’s products have won numerous prestigious education and publisher awards, including the AAP Revere and several SIIA CODiEs and ComputED BESSIEs.

Morse began representing EvoText in 2011 and has provided employment, trademark, corporate, and intellectual property advice. Of special note is Morse’s involvement in negotiating and formalizing the contract between EvoText and The College Board. The College Board is a non-profit composed of over 6,000 educational organizations that helps prepare students for college and expands access to higher education. The partnership between The College Board and EvoText resulted in SpringBoard Digital, which is a cloud-based program in ebook format for interactive learning, classroom management, reporting, analytics, and more. This platform serves more than one million students nationwide.

Of equal importance, when EvoText decided to form a separate entity for its product Ogment, Morse worked with the company to form a new LLC. Ogment is a curriculum creation and management system that helps districts manage and improve both curriculum and instruction on one platform by tracking alignment, usage, and performance of instruction against the standards and curriculum goals of curriculum maps. From live curriculum mapping through lesson and assessment building, resource management, PLCs, collaboration, differentiation, presentation, and progress monitoring, Ogment helps educators uncover data they’ve never seen before—helping them to make the right decisions for their students every day.

In addition to negotiating The College Board contract and forming the Ogment entity, Morse assisted EvoText and Ogment with their Terms of Service, 409A valuations, and employment offer letters, among other corporate, trademark, and IP legal matters.

Morse looks forward to continuing its work with EvoText and its sister entity Ogment and to being a part of the innovative educational products and strategies these companies continue to develop.