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Morse supports Privy's legal needs – from financing to privacy policies - so Privy can focus on empowering marketers to build more customer relationships, faster.

Privy’s Platform Empowers Marketers and Helps Businesses Grow

With notable clients including Japanese retailer Uniqlo, celebrity chef Mario Batali, and The Beatles, Privy is helping businesses more effectively market their products and services. Privy’s marketing software empowers marketers to quickly build more customer relationships and convert website visitors into paid customers, with a goal of enabling both new and established marketers to run “effective campaigns that have an instantaneous impact on their stores.” Privy’s journey began with the Privy offers platform, where it served its first 100 customers in retail, restaurant, and local businesses. In 2015 the company unveiled the Privy list growth product, at which point its reputation expanded and its business grew rapidly. Currently, the company serves over 200,000 small and medium ecommerce businesses in over 180 countries, and engages over 1 Billion consumers each month.

As Privy has grown, so too has Morse’s involvement with the company. Led by Michael Jabbawy, the Firm’s technology and emerging company group assists the company with general on-going corporate and financing matters, including facilitating Privy’s closing of its most recent preferred equity round, in which the company raised over $2 million in new funding from angels and venture capital firms, including Accomplice and Kiwi Ventures. Morse’s intellectual property team aids the company with its ongoing trademark maintenance, with maintenance of Privy’s terms of service and privacy policies, as well as with providing counsel relating to data protection. While Privy collaborates with businesses on their marketing strategies, enabling them to grow, Morse will continue to support Privy with its legal needs, ensuring that its business continues to thrive.