Show Me the Money: Bio Bucks, Royalties and Other Payment Structures in Strategic Alliances


April 3, 2019 — Wednesday
7:30am — 9:00am

MBBP Waltham Office
CityPoint, 230 Third Avenue
Waltham, MA 02451

Payment structures in biotech collaborations, strategic partnerships and joint ventures are creatures of innovative complexity. Royalty and other economic structures in biotech and Pharma collaborations are multifarious in design, of infinite variety, and pose perilous traps for the uneducated.

Join us in our Waltham office on Wednesday, April 3 as we navigate the uncharted waters of biotech licensing and economic arrangements. We will explore upfront license fees, technology access payments, milestone triggers, commercial due diligence fees, clinical trial milestones, royalty rates and structures, and royalty offset gambits.

Our panel of experts includes four speakers with decades of combined experiences in business development and licensing for emerging biotech companies, including a former licensing officer at Big Pharma, a founder and CEO of a specialty pharma company, and a serial entrepreneur in business development.

John Hession, Partner, Morse Barnes-Brown Pendleton

Stan Chalvire, Partner, Morse Barnes-Brown Pendleton
Jennifer Davagian, President & CEOCristcot
Tad Stewart, President & CEO, Commense, Inc.
John Tagliamonte, Entrepreneur in Residence, MassBio