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Non Profits & Tax-Exempt Organizations

Helping to Help Others

We have substantial experience representing nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations and their boards of directors in a variety of industries including research institutions, social service and religious organizations, educational institutions, arts organizations, professional associations, and cultural institutions.

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Our work for nonprofit and tax-exempt clients spans all of our substantial practice areas, including:

  • Entity formation (including establishing nonprofit affiliates of for-profit entities).
  • Application for recognition and maintenance of tax-exempt status.
  • Patent and trademark preparation and prosecution and other intellectual property work.
  • Licensing negotiations, including on behalf of startups out of leading academic institutions.
  • Advising on general corporate, employment, tax, intellectual property, and student affairs matters.
  • Negotiating strategic alliance transactions with both for-profit and other nonprofit organizations, such as collaborations, professional services, development, fiscal sponsor, and other inter-entity relationships.
  • Sponsored research and material transfer negotiations.
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