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Doing Business Around the World

Comprehensive Solutions
for Global Market Challenges

Morse is a business and technology law firm with a demonstrably global reach. Our attorneys handle a wide range of cross-border matters, providing legal services to clients as they do business around the world.

Morse has helped American companies expand their businesses to more than 50 countries. Applying our broad knowledge of the US laws and international treaties that affect international business, drawing on our extensive experience working with companies engaged in international business, and leveraging our network of relationships with colleagues around the world in LawExchange International (LEI) and their networks of allied service providers, we supply comprehensive and seamless solutions to our clients’ legal and business needs in an increasingly complex and competitive global marketplace. Our attorneys have immediate access to trusted local legal counsel (and to their networks of other service providers) through LEI’s 44 highly respected member and correspondent firms in 42 countries and 85 cities throughout Europe, North and South America, the Asia/Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, representing 80% of world GDP.

US Companies Expanding Abroad
  • Representation of several software companies with development affiliates in India and Pakistan.
  • Representation of a provider of patient recruitment services worldwide with substantial oversees activities including subsidiaries in Japan and England.
  • Representation of a US-based leading supplier of printers, wafer bumping and wafer printing equipment for the surface mount technology and semiconductor industries that has significant activities in Bulgaria and China.
  • Representation of a US software company with substantial operations in Israel.
  • Representation of a nonprofit standards organization and its affiliated consortium which have members from – and conduct activities – around the world.
  • Representation of a Danish software company in its US and international corporate and commercial matters.
  • Representation of a Rhode Island-based software company in the establishment of a joint venture with a Swiss software company.