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Claim Defense & Litigation

When Litigation Is Necessary

When litigation is necessary, we work closely with our clients to manage the litigation process and to achieve the best possible results in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  We are tenacious advocates on behalf of our clients and we believe that careful preparation early in a case maximizes results and, in the long run, minimizes our clients’ costs.

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We provide a full range of claim defense and litigation services, including Administrative Claims, Court Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Administrative Claims:
We regularly represent clients before administrative agencies including the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, the United States Department of Labor, and the national Labor Relations Board.

Court Litigation:
We represent clients in federal and State courts in cases involving claims of employment discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wage-hour violations, independent contractor misclassification, breach of non competition obligations, wrongful discharge and ERISA violations.

Alternative Dispute Resolution:
We represent clients in all forms of alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation. Employment contracts and policies can provide that any disputes arising in the employment relationship must be resolved through alternative dispute programs, usually including private mediation as a final step. We help our clients design and implement dispute resolution systems to manage and resolve employment disputes in prompt and cost-effective manner.

An Established Record of Success:
Our superb employment law team has an established track record of success in handling hundreds of employment-related claims for clients in venues throughout New England and the rest of the country. With each case, we seek to obtain the dismissal or favorite settlement of claims at the earliest stage possible so our clients can focus on business, not litigation.

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