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Understanding “Non-Competes” in Today’s Market

Our deep and varied experience with noncompetition agreements and their enforcement allows us to provide high-level counsel to our clients in this area of frequent concern.

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In today’s environment of increased employee mobility, competition for talent, and the need to protect proprietary information and customer good will, the enforcement of employee restrictive covenant agreements can be critically important.   We have extensive experience representing employers in noncompetition litigation in both federal and state courts.

We have obtained numerous injunctions enforcing noncompetition, non-solicitation and nondisclosure restrictions against our clients’ former employees. We also have successfully defended business clients and individual employees in litigation seeking to enforce restrictive covenants that were unreasonable or unnecessary to protect former employers’ predictable business interests.

VIDEO: Attorney Scott Connolly discussed the use of restrictive employment agreements to protect client relationships and confidential information. He describes the three types of protective agreements: noncompetition agreements, nonsolicitation agreements and non disclosure agreements. Scott also addresses the steps employers should take to put enforceable agreements in place.