Confronting Privacy Fears: Practical Approaches to Challenges in the U.S. and EU


October 24, 2019 — Thursday
7:30 am — 10:00 am

10 CityPoint, 500 Totten Pond Road, 1st Floor, Waltham, MA, 02451

Halloween is upon us, and it is a new and scary world from a privacy and data security perspective. Gone are the early days of the Internet, when data changed hands without so much as a second thought. Today’s data-driven businesses find themselves in highly-regulated industries made up of a patchwork of rules and regulations at the state, federal and international levels. And, today, as frightening as it may be, EVERY BUSINESS IS A DATA-DRIVEN BUSINESS.

Not only are there various and sundry regulatory schemes, but the privacy and data security landscape is in constant flux — with relevant laws proliferating in real time.  And, these laws have a substantial impact on the ability to conduct business, attract customers, and build trust in the market. Compliance can be spooky, but the risks of non-compliance can be downright terrifying, including hefty fines and complete halt of operations. Add to this, that individuals in many jurisdictions now have private rights of action for privacy harms – and that the ghostly (insofar as it is undefined) “creep factor” may lead to privacy liability, and petrification might ensue.

But, don’t be paralyzed with fear! Treat yourself to a panel discussion offering diverse legal, business, and operational perspectives, both from right here in Massachusetts and from across the pond, and sharing pragmatic advice on how to address the unique challenges raised by the privacy and data security landscape, including: 

  • What’s the best way to allocate privacy and data security resources, avoid traps for the unwary, and efficiently implement a compliance strategy?
  • How have GDPR and CCPA manifested themselves in the market, and how do these laws differ?
  • What is the impact of privacy and data security laws on customer relationships and contract negotiations, and how does risk get allocated in the business-to-business context?
  • From a privacy and data security perspective, how does a business, particularly a small-to-medium enterprise with limited resources, best position itself for investment or an exit? What do investors and potential acquirers expect?
  • Given the burgeoning technologies of AI, blockchain, driverless cars and yet to be conceived technologies, what does the privacy ecosystem of the future look like, and how can your business thrive in the world ahead?

Moderated by
Ryan Perry, CIPP/US
Associate, Morse

Jane DiGangi
Senior Director, Search & Business Operations, Koya Leadership Partners

Faith Kasparian, CIPP/US
Member and Chair of Privacy Team, Morse

Peter-Christian Olivo
EVP and General Counsel, Circadence

Andrew Priest 
Partner and Head of Technology, Hewitsons@Hewitsons

President, Privacy Ref@PrivacyRef

Please note NEW location for Morse events: 
10 CityPoint / 500 Totten Pond Road


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Take Route 128 North (I-95) to Exit 27A and bear right for THIRD AVE. Take a right at the end of the exit ramp onto Third Ave and then your first left onto Prospect Hill Lane. The garage entrance will be on your immediate left. See garage info below.


The Prospect Hill entrance is located at the rear of the garage. You will enter on level 4. Go left to drive towards the bridge to 10 CityPoint on level 3. Once inside 10 CityPoint, take the stairs or elevator down to the first floor.

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