Announcements | 04/24/19

Morse Barnes-Brown Pendleton Rebrands as Morse

Announcements | 04/24/19

WALTHAM, MA – Morse Barnes-Brown Pendleton is pleased to announce the next phase of its brand evolution, reflecting the Firm’s identity within the legal marketplace. Effective immediately, the Firm has adopted the stronger, simpler, more modern brand of Morse. Additionally, will change to to reflect the Firm’s new moniker. This new identity preserves our 25-year tradition and carries into the future the vision of our founding partners of a unique law firm geared to providing the services that business clients need at the highest levels of the legal profession in a flexible and collegial environment.

Lisa Warren, Managing Partner of the Firm, noted,

“The refresh of our brand reflects the evolution of the Firm, from founding partners with the innovative idea of a law firm focused on providing the core legal services that businesses need, to multiple successive generations of lawyers representative of an institution dedicated to that vision. In actuality, the Firm has long been referred to by this shorthand in the market, and this new brand name simply makes that official. This positions the Firm powerfully for its continued role as one of the leading law firms in the Northeast and acknowledges that the Firm is more than any single individual or handful of individuals.”

Peter Barnes-Brown, co-founder and partner of the Firm, said,

“It is a proud moment when one realizes that a small law firm founded more than 25 years ago on ideas that introduced multiple changes in the legal profession has grown into an enduring leader in the Boston region’s innovation ecosystem, and that the legacy of the founders is memorialized in something larger than ourselves.”

Under our new brand, clients will continue to receive the same sophisticated legal services delivered with the personal attention and added value that they have come to expect from our Firm, from an established team of corporate, intellectual property, litigation, taxation and employment counsel.

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