Announcements | 11/02/17

Celebrating Innovation and Evolution:

Patent Practice 10th Anniversary

Announcements | 11/02/17

Ten years ago, after a lengthy period of intense discussion, Morse executed on a long-held strategic goal and launched a patent practice. The partners believed an expansion of the existing IP practice to include patent would constitute natural growth and be an integral part of the Firm’s continued success. To lead the newly formed practice, Morse tapped life sciences patent attorney Lisa Warren, formerly of Ropes & Gray, to establish the infrastructure required for a patent practice and build a team suited to the technology needs of the Firm’s clients. For Lisa, it was an opportunity to apply her innovative ideas of a paperless, technology-reliant, modern method of running a patent practice, providing clients with senior level attention, topnotch service and expertise developed over years of practice. “All” she and the Firm needed to succeed was to assemble the right team.

To be sure, there was a certain amount of trial and error along the way as new tools were employed and the right mix of personnel was identified and hired. Over time, with care and thought, a well-run, proficient, and efficient department evolved, drawing clients, enhancing the Firm’s reputation, and attracting exceptional patent attorneys and other professionals to the team.

As a group, the Morse patent practice members display certain shared traits: intellectual curiosity, a commitment to excellence, and an enthusiasm for, and a sense of satisfaction about, the work they do. However, the paths taken which led to their practice of intellectual property law in general and to Morse specifically are as varied and distinct as the people themselves. Their differences and their similarities combine to create a team which provides our clients with first-rate counsel, addressing the often significant obstacles to the development and protection of valuable patent assets, and the difficulties inherent in navigating the minefield of other parties’ patents.

Morse’s vision of a nimble, cost-effective, genuinely efficient patent practice has been realized and become a mainstay of the Firm. It is for these and so many other reasons that Morse proudly celebrates a truly outstanding team of dedicated, proficient professionals and our Patent Practice’s 10th Anniversary.