Alerts | By Amanda E. Thibodeau | 04/29/20

COVID-19 Alert: Non-Essential Business Closings Extended Again

MA Governor Extends Non-Essential Business Closings Until May 18, 2020

Alerts | By Amanda E. Thibodeau | 04/29/20

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker extended his previous emergency order to close non-essential businesses and his stay-at-home advisory until May 18. His previous order closed non-essential businesses until May 4. The press release can be found here.

Along with extending the closure of non-essential businesses, the order also extends the stay-at-home advisory, urging residents to stay at home and limiting all gatherings to 10 people or less until May 18.

Governor Baker also appointed a 17-person re-opening advisory board who will plan a phased re-opening of the state. The new board is comprised of leaders from government, business, and healthcare sectors.

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