Staff Directory

Wendy L. Arsenault

Patent Practice Manager

Jaclyn M. Braga

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Corryn A. Cadena

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Denise Caredeo

Patent Paralegal

Kayla K. Castellucci

Marketing & Business Development Specialist

Alisa D. Celestin

Billing Specialist

Maria G. Corcoran

Legal Administrative Assistant

Tina R. Couillard

Corporate Paralegal

Diana DeCaro

Patent Paralegal

Lauren K. Dechayne

Employee Engagement Manager

Katelen E. Dunphy

Corporate Paralegal

Kristina M. Fay

Patent Paralegal

Elizabeth W. Geraci

Senior Billing Specialist

Angela M. Griffith

Patent Paralegal

Christopher W. Harris

Operations Assistant

Demetrios G. Mandilas

Corporate Paralegal

Joseph A. McFadd

Facilities & Records Manager

Brian T. McTague

Director of Business Operations

Karen A. Olson

Legal Administrative Assistant

Gretchen K. Pratt

Executive Director

Jacob H. Rizzo

Senior IT Specialist

Tracy D. Skahan

Trademark Paralegal

Julie M. Smith

Legal Administrative Assistant

Sharon B. Stanizzi

Patent Docketing Specialist

Neve Thompson

Neve D. Thompson

Social Media & Communications Coordinator

Judy B. Truglia

Director of Administration & Facilities