Case Studies

Going the Distance

Our clients’ stories illustrate how we partner with them in establishing a path to their success, guiding them through every phase of the business life cycle, start to finish and all along the way.

Particles Plus Exemplifies What Employers Can Do to Help Protect Employees During COVID-19 Photo

Particles Plus Exemplifies What Employers Can Do to Help Protect Employees During COVID-19

Particles Plus manufactures products that are at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the company's particle counter found in isolation rooms. Morse worked with leadership, helping to put plans in place to protect employees while continuing to produce these essential devices.

Harnessing Powerful Data Assets with eClinical’s Intelligent Data Analytics and Management

Morse manages the corporate needs of eClinical, a clinical trial management software and services provider for large and mid-size pharma companies, and has been fortunate to do so since the Company's inception.

Privy’s Platform Empowers Marketers and Helps Businesses Grow

Morse supports Privy's legal needs – from financing to privacy policies - so Privy can focus on empowering marketers to build more customer relationships, faster.

Technology for the Greater Good from The Additive Advantage

While The Additive Advantage team is developing novel technologies for industries such as pharmaceuticals, packaging, and humanitarian efforts, Morse manages the company's patent, licensing, and other legal needs.

Leading To a Better Educational Experience with EvoText

From negotiating with The College Board to forming a product entity and beyond, Morse has helped this educational software leader build custom eLearning solutions for schools, publishers, and businesses.

Doing Well by Doing Good with Visible Good

Understanding intellectual property protection is critical to adding value. Visible Good came to Morse initially to develop a comprehensive strategy for analyzing and protecting its IP.