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Building Resilient Biotechnology Research in the Shadow of The Biosecure Act

The Biosecure Act, if passed, would severely restrict collaborations between US companies and Chinese Contract Research Organizations (CROs). To help manage interruptions in biotech research, we invite you to attend the seminar either in-person or…

COVID-19 Alert: CDC Interim Guidance

See more related articles and posts in our: COVID-19 Resource Collection. The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), and its effects on business markets, travel, and public health, are dominating the news cycle. As this public health…

Tax FAQ for U.S. Inbound Transactions

Introduction Foreign individuals and companies do business in the United States for a variety of reasons, including accessing US capital and financing, US markets or US strategic partners. Whatever the reason, foreign businesses have…


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Waltham, MA

Morse CityPoint is just 10 miles west of Boston. We are located at the heart of the Route 128 high-technology highway — the epicenter for innovation companies on the East Coast.