Corporate Venture Capital: Unique Opportunities and Special Considerations for Startup Companies



May 3, 2018 — Thursday
4:30 pm — 6:00 pm

Cambridge Innovation Center - CIC, 1 Broadway, 5th Floor, Havana Room, Cambridge, MA, 02142

Corporate venture capital – the direct investment of corporate funds into external startup companies – plays an increasingly important role in venture finance, the strategies of emerging technology companies and the startup ecosystem more generally. Published data suggests that the number of corporate venture investors has tripled over the course of the past five years with ¾ of Fortune 100 companies participating in venture capital financing rounds in 2017. And yet corporate venture capital is unique from other more traditional forms of venture capital in that corporate venture investors commonly strive to advance both strategic and financial objectives when making investments in startup companies.

Join us and a group of experienced and active corporate venture investors on May 3rd for a roundtable discussion of the special considerations that go into a corporate venture capital financial transaction, both from the perspective of the investor as well as the startup company and its existing shareholders.

Moderated by:  
Scott Bleier, Member, Morse

Frank Andrasco, Director, next47
Adam Jackson, Venture Investor – Bose Ventures, Corporate Development Manager, Bose Corporation
Charles Svirk, Senior Associate, MassMutual Ventures