WEBINAR: Intellectual Property (IP) Basics: A Primer on Patent, Trademark, and Copyright



May 11, 2023 — Thursday
12:00 pm — 1:00 pm


This webinar has passed.

The next webinar in the Morse Women Attorneys Webinar Series will highlight our Intellectual Property practice. Each session in this series will focus on an area of law essential to the business lifecycle, start to exit and everything in between.

Patent Attorney Erin Bryan and Trademark and Copyright Attorney Stacey Friends will de-mystify “IP.” Learn the differences between these three areas of the law, including what each law protects (and what it doesn’t), how to register and maintain each type of IP, how long federal protection lasts, how to transfer rights, and more!

Who should attend?
– Inventors
– Founders
– Marketers
– Writers
– Artists
– Software Developers



Erin Bryan, Member, Morse
Member, Morse