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IP Litigation

Enforcing and Defending Your IP and Competitive Positions

Clients rely on us to provide the highest quality solutions to the business and legal issues involving their intellectual property across the United States.

Trademark & Copyright Litigation

Working with our trademark and copyright lawyers and bringing a cross-departmental focus to bear, our litigators protect our clients’ brands, reputations, developments and hard work in trademark and copyright disputes involving the healthcare, life sciences, real estate, apparel, food and beverage, gaming, technology, manufacturing, and software fields. We represent clients both in court and before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

Trade Secret Litigation

Some of the most sensitive proprietary information on which companies rely in conducting their business lies in their trade secrets. These important assets are increasingly subject to misappropriation through data breaches and cyber-attacks, as well as through employee movement and corporate espionage. Our litigators work together with our privacy & data security colleagues and with our employment lawyers to protect our clients’ highly valuable secrets and to defend against allegations of misuse in state and federal courts.