Announcements | 05/25/23

Morse Client KPM Analytics Prevails in Trade Secret Misappropriation Trial

Announcements | 05/25/23

Morse Litigators Scott Magee and Paige Zacharakis recently obtained a multimillion dollar jury verdict in Massachusetts federal court on behalf of our client KPM Analytics North America Corporation. Scott and Paige brought claims against two competitors and four former KPM employees, alleging that the defendants stole KPM’s trade secrets, including customer information, software, and key data used in KPM’s production, sale and servicing of near-infrared analyzers. After a ten day trial, the jury concluded that one of the competitors and all four former employees stole KPM’s trade secrets, all four employees breached their non-disclosure agreements, and both competitors were liable for tortious interference with contracts and engaged in willful and knowing unfair and deceptive trade practices.

Additional details can be found on the KPM Analytics website.

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