Internet of Things

Helping Innovators Keep the World Connected

We strive to provide first-class support to companies that provide B2B or B2C web connectivity, and we help these clients remain compliant with a rapidly evolving set of laws.

One of the most exciting recent developments in tech is the growing ability to connect devices, both consumer (e.g., refrigerators and watches) and industrial (e.g., fleets of cars and airplanes), using sensors and in some cases artificial intelligence to gather information and communicate through the Internet for purposes of control, data mining, maintenance, and other activities. Known as the “Internet of Things” or “IoT,” this evolving connectivity poses both traditional and new legal challenges.

Morse’s services to IoT clients include the following:

  • Helping organize, and providing advice on, corporate, contract, and intellectual property issues, for new and established IoT companies
  • Developing privacy policies and maintaining compliance with the rapidly changing privacy laws
  • Preparing and reviewing data security policies and assisting clients in complying with cybersecurity laws
  • Helping minimize liability and assess risk when developing, distributing, selling, and purchasing IoT devices
  • Assisting clients in diligence regarding IoT companies and in the acquisition of same
  • Drafting and negotiating vendor and customer contracts and the associated representations, warranties, indemnities, liabilities, and remedies
  • Providing complete intellectual property services, including securing design and utility patent rights for inventions, registering trademark rights for brands, and enforcement of patent and trademark rights against infringers

Morse is pleased to serve as outside general counsel to the Industrial Internet Consortium, a program of Object Management Group, Inc. and one of the premier organizations for companies involved or interested in the Industrial Internet of Things.

  • Negotiating NDAs, test bed promotion agreements, and other contracts for a consortium of organizations involved in the industrial internet of things
  • Reviewing and negotiating data privacy and security policies for cloud and IoT companies
  • Patent preparation and prosecution of IoT technologies