WEBINAR: The Basics of Arbitration



November 30, 2023 — Thursday
9:00 am — 10:30 am


This webinar has passed.

The next webinar in the Morse Women Attorneys Webinar Series will discuss arbitration, an alternative to litigation. Each session in this series will focus on an area of law essential to the business lifecycle, start to exit and everything in between.

Employment Attorney Amanda Thibodeau and Litigation Attorney Paige Zacharakis will discuss the basics of arbitration. This webinar will include an overview of what arbitration is, a summary of the timeline and process, and pros and cons of electing arbitration.

Who should attend?
– Business Leaders
– Contract Administrators
– In-house Counsel



Amanda Thibodeau, Employment Attorney, Morse
Paige Zacharakis, Litigation Attorney, Morse