AI and Robotics

Thinking Strategically to Stay Ahead of Technological Advancements

Combining years of legal experience with current technological knowledge, our attorneys help to integrate the implementation of artificial intelligence and robotic product advancements with the available legal framework to place our clients in the best possible positions to grow and compete.

Massachusetts is home to many of the world’s leading robotics companies. More than 350 robotics-related companies as of 2020 lead the innovation. The field of robotics includes a wide variety of specific activities, including design, manufacturing, operation, and use of automated robots, taking many different forms with different functionality. In addition, our team represents top tier venture capital firms in connection with their investments in portfolio companies working in the robotics and AI space.

Some example areas of robotics comprising technologies our firm has experience with include:

  • Storage and retrieval systems, including warehouse storage and automation
  • Autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle systems, including aeronautical vehicles
  • Autonomous submersible vehicles
  • Household robots, including systems for us in communication
  • Industrial use robots
  • Robotic-aided medical applications
  • Artificial intelligence systems for managing and controlling robotic operations
  • Sensor technology
  • Industrial processes
  • Imaging

Our attorneys have backgrounds in numerous engineering fields, including mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, and are well-versed in software and artificial intelligence technologies.