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Transforming the Landscape of Health Care

Recent advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, software and hardware systems, and mobile platforms and cloud computing have converged in the health care sector and are radically transforming conventional health care delivery models, for patients, providers, payors, and hospital systems.

In 2023, Morse ranked in the TOP TEN Most Active Law Firms in Venture Capital in the Healthcare Devices & Supplies industry. It’s of note that all other firms in the TOP TEN have 11x more lawyers than Morse.

HealthTech and Digital Health are exciting emerging frontiers in the health care sector. Mobile platforms, wearable devices and mobile-based diagnostic devices can track and monitor remotely and, with the help of healthcare professionals, can intervene and remediate in various patient activities ranging from fitness and nutrition to medication adherence and assisted living monitoring, and from diagnostic testing to treatment recommendations. Propelled by the pandemic and the resultant need for remote behavior, other technological advances are driving new business models in such areas as telemedicine, online rapid diagnostic testing, remote patient enrollment, monitoring and reimbursement, accelerated drug discovery using AI and machine learning, digital therapeutics using software and game structures, predictive analytics for patient screening and behavior monitoring, and the production of precision medicine to improve patient treatment and outcomes.

For over twenty-seven years, the firm has been a leader in advising and counseling emerging companies in technology, life sciences and health care, and continues to lead at the crossroads of the new frontiers of HealthTech and Digital Health. Our representation spans the spectrum of a HeathTech company’s existence, from cradle to culmination, including counseling on business and legal strategy, entity formation, venture capital financings, mergers & acquisitions, protection of patents and other intellectual property, licensing, and strategic collaborative partnerships with larger enterprises in the health care industry, and patient and data privacy strategies and protection models. Our litigators are involved with commercial contract disputes with companies in these sectors, and our employment attorneys are actively advising management on best practices in the industry.

Some the HealthTech technologies we are involved with include:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for precision medicine, predictive analytics and accelerated drug discovery
  • Wearable devices and mobile applications for fitness, training, and wellness
  • Patient enrollment and reimbursement
  • Revenue Cycle Management and other enterprise systems for large academic medical centers
  • Digital marketplace for the digital exchange of biospecimens and tissue samples for research
  • Remote monitoring systems for patient monitoring, medication adherence and remediation
  • Biofeedback devices and sensors for remote diagnostics and health care management
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Software systems for clinical trial management, patient enrollment and outcomes
  • Digital diagnostics and therapeutics for treatment of cognitive behavioral disorders
  • App services for health care diagnosis, analytics, behavior modification
  • Licensing and collaboration agreements for the development of a digital marketplace for academic research institutions and large pharmaceutical companies to exchange biospecimens and tissue samples in a digital format
  • Software and hardware headsets for the digital diagnosis and digital treatment of cognitive behavior disorders including ADHD in children, using game play software, and the collaboration and clinical trial with a large hospital system
  • Enterprise management system provider to large health care systems and academic medical centers for an integrated platform of patient entry, patient status, claim reimbursement, and revenue cycle management using artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Data privacy compliance and strategies for players in the HealthTech industries, from patient information to risk assessment and compliance
  • Predictive analytics for monitoring patients with debilitating and chronic conditions living within the home environment and emergency intervention if the device delivers early-warning signs to health care professionals
  • Mobile-based wearable device to alert the patient of impending anxiety or panic attacks based on physiological metrics, and the delivery or remediation techniques
  • Patent, licensing and general corporate for a sleep and circadian rhythm-based technologies company