Announcements | 11/21/22

Morse Serves as Counsel to Steel Root in Merger with C3 Integrated Solutions

Announcements | 11/21/22

Morse is pleased to announce the successful merger of client Steel Root, a cybersecurity services provider specializing in Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance, with C3 Integrated Solutions, a full-service IT provider specializing in cloud-based solutions including Microsoft 365 GCC High.

Through this merger, Steel Root and C3 fill a market gap by offering a purpose-built solution designed to help government contractors accelerate their CMMC readiness and manage compliant environments. The new company will operate under the C3 Integrated Solutions name and will offer comprehensive DIB solutions anchored around Steel Root’s CMMC-centric managed services platform.

Joe Marrow, Peter Cifichiello, and Ryan Whelpley served as counsel to Steel Root, with the assistance of many specialists within the firm including Dave Czarnecki, Joe Hunt, Faith Kasparian, Ryan Perry, Matt Mitchell, Rebecca Alperin, and Amanda Schreyer.

“We were thrilled to represent Steel Root, a leading cybersecurity services provider to defense contractors specializing in Cybersecurity Maturity Model Classification compliance, in connection with the transaction,” said Joe Marrow. “We especially enjoyed working with the management team, Ryan Heidorn, Scott Freedson and Mike Nestor, in navigating through the deal process and ultimately concluding with a successful closing.”

Ryan Heidorn, Co-founder and Managing Director of Steel Root, said, “I’m truly grateful to Joseph Marrow, Peter Cifichiello, Ryan Whelpley, and our team of Morse specialists for all the expertise and advocacy that led to making this merger an exciting reality.”

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